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Bugaboo Garten, 1st episode

Bugaboo Garten, 1st episode:

target: 2-6

length: 15 min  ( series: 11 min x 13)

technik: CGI /2D

Language: Hungarian

Pilot of the series was completed in 2016. Supported by the Hungarian Media Council.


The fluffy kids attend the kindergarten in the amazingly colorful world of the fluffy babies. They arrive to their beloved infant school in a bubble sphere, where they

are eager to play together. Just like humans, fluffy kids are all different. Some of them are brave, humble, wise and cheeky as well.

The kindergarten-goers facing chapter by chapter – as an adult – simple problems’ solution, which should be acquired in early childhood. Such as greeting, dining,

to conserve nature, the disapproval of ostracism, the comprehension of the concept of swindle etc…

The above-mentioned concepts are presented in various

sections of the series starring different fluffy kids.

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