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Pixie Fix

Supported by the Hungarian Media Council.

Target audience: preschool

Length: 11min x 13

Technique: Digital 2D

Language: Hungarian

Sales Agent: Happy Family Entertainment 


Pixie Fix lives in the Evergreen Forest, in the trunk of a 1000 years old pendunculate oak tree.  Pixie Fix wakes up early in the morning every day for he is the guardian of the Evergreen Forest . He takes care of the forest with great pleasure along with his companion Gluey Huey  much to the delight of the forests inhabitants.

Pixie Fix has built a neat laboratory for himself high up in his tree, near the canopy. He loves to prepare all sorts of medicines, magic potions and special elixirs in his laboratory. His most important potion – the Manna of Light – is made of dewdrops and the juice of the old oak tree. This potion is the favorite drink of the fire-flies, for this potion makes them (their buttJ) glow.

Every morning Pixie Fix wakes the Forest, checks the data he receives printed out from his bio-computer, while sipping his tea. He then wakes the bees, ants and squirrels living in his tree, and trough a pipesystem asks them to start working. Well, anyone can tell what an important person Pixie Fix is in the Evergreen Forest.

A sudden event changes their lives entirely. One morning they can’t find any dewdrops. Pixie Fix looks through every leaf, but can’t find a single drop of dew. This turns their day upside down. They don’t wake the ants, bees and squirrels in time, get late thus create a traffic jam at the parkland roundabout. The fire-flies arrive in the evening and get very sad when they hear the bad news. One of them even starts to snivel…

Pixie Fix decides to unravel the mystery of the missing dewdrops. At dawn he sets out on a journey along with the fire-fly Buzzy Buzz to find the dewdrops. Travelling along the roots of the 1000 year old tree – in the first episode of the series – they meet a toad, who only allows them to pass, when Pixie Fix can answer his questions. They unwillingly accept the toads terms. After a number of questions / puzzles they manage to defeat the toad, so they can carry on with their journey to find the dewdrops.

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