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Target audience: 8-12

Length: 11min x 13

Technique: Digital 2D

Language: English


The story of The Nine Runestones is based on the main characters of the Nordic

and Old Germanic mythologies.

Wulffson the Bear Heart is a warrior of a much-honoured Northern tribe, living a life of respect. The tribe’s prime magistrate– whose name is Regin – trusts upon him the supervision of the tribe’s runestone. This stone is very important for the tribe and the king because its magic power is claimed to be the source of peace, prosperity and unity. Keeping it safe is therefore of utmost importance, and this task is handed out in every season among those worthy of the task.

Regin organizes a big feast in Odin’s honour. Every member of the tribe is invited expect for Wulffson who is in charge of the supervision of the runestone. While the tribesfolks are enjoying the feast, Wulffson is visited by his sister – Gudrun – bringing him a bottle of wine saying she feels sorry for him. Wulffson accepts the drink – a huge mistake… one gulp and he almost immediately loses consciousness.

Wulffson can vaguely see Gudrun’s body twitch and take its real shape: in seconds Mist, the shaman is standing next to the unconscious body, with arms reaching for the runestone. Next morning the members of the village are shocked to realize that the runestone has been stolen.

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